At DMS our philosophy is simple, we build your relationships with your customers for your benefit

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Why use Telemarketing?

Very few businesses can survive without an effective ongoing lead generation and appointment setting strategy.   The telephone remains one of the most efficient marketing tools to generate leads, arrange appointments and to maintain contact with existing clients

The Benefits of Telemarketing………its

  • Interactive, two way, involves the respondent in conversation
  • Personal, allowing opportunity to build rapport, the first step towards

an enduring and productive business relationship

  • Direct, enabling the operative to maximise each call, capture relevant

data and set dates for follow up calls

  • Precisely targeted, conversations are always held with the decision make

media advertising is “scatter gun”

  • Proactive, you can decide how many potential customers are contacted
  • Flexible, conversations conducted according to the responses from the


  • Quantifiable outcome, results are easy to measue, details of all conversations

recorded, information gathered can be used in future marketing activityand the

level of interest...........or not, is recorded for future reference

  • Immediate results, appointments can be set at the time.


We guarantee our professionalism and we guarantee we have

our clients' best interests at heart


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