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Why Outsource


Do you have the STAFF?  You need a dedicated committed team or individual.

Do you have the TIME?  Most SMEs do not have spare resources to devote to a dedicated telemarketing campaign.  A successful project requires chunks of uninterrupted time focused on the task of picking up the telephone.  Most people will use any feeble excuse to avoid doing this and will use interruptions or other “priority” tasks as a reason not to do it.  With Direct Marketing Services your Telemarketing is the priority.

Do you have a team member with the SKILL?   Don’t be misled by the belief that anyone can do it, telephone skills are entirely different from fact to face contact.

Can your company support the COST of a dedicated telemarketer?  Outsourcing means you are only paying for the operative’s time when you need it.

Telemarketing is a unique discipline requiring a peaceful atmosphere and uninterrupted time slots, it cannot be fitted in between other tasks.


We guarantee our professionalism and we guarantee we have

our clients' best interests at heart