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Lead Generation

Generating leads from cold is perceived as one of the most daunting but one of the most significant aspects of any

marketing campaign – you need to know who to target, what they need and when they need it. It’s a major step

on the path to increased sales and one that we can take for you. One call conducted professionally can identify in

the first instance the decision maker and their needs, and then can be used to collect relevant information leading

to a meeting and ultimatley more business.

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Appointment Setting

The primary objective being to generate qualified appointments for an appropriate member of the client’s team to

present the company’s products or services. However in the absence of an appointment the opportunity of creating

a positive long term relationship between the prospect and the client company will never be overlooked. At the

end of the project the client will be provided with a report on each call made with detailed notes which can be used

for a later campaign, thus increasing the value of the original database.

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Database Verification  and Cleansing (List Validation)

Databases quickly become out of date, the checking of customer or prospect details is essential in order to ensure

that direct mail campaigns are based on accurate information including key decision makers' names.  This

maximises the cost effectiveness and efficiency of each mailer.  A telemarketing campaign is only be as good as

the data, a poor database will equate to poor results The average list is out of date to the tune of 5% per month

compound resulting in time wasted and potential loss of existing and new business

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Following up Mailshots

A well designed eye catching mailer can form tbe basis of a higly successful campaign,

the objective could be to:-

  • Set Appointments – sending an impressive mailer initially can ease the

appointmen setting process

  • Raise Awareness – let your prospects know exactly what is

on offer

  • Launch a Product – introduce a new product or service to existing

customers or to a new target market

  • Offer Products on Approval a proven way of increasing sales

  • Introduce Special Offers – either as a reward to existing customers or as

incentive to try you as new supplier

Whatever your message it is better followed up with a telephone call

No mailer? No problem
Try a cold calling campaign

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Mystery Shopping

Do you know what your staff are saying when they answer the phone, and importantly,

how they are saying it?
Do you know what your customers really think? or what they really want?
Are you up to date with what your competition is doing, prices, incentives, marketing

If no, then a Mystery Shopper Campaign is the answer

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Telephone Surveys   Can be used for a range of  projects

  • Lead generation, an excellent method of isolating a genuine need if used in conjunction with a precisely

targeted database

  • Quality control
  • To enhance existing customer profile
  • To build new prospect base
  • To research the market place

Other Telemarketing Services


Customer Care and Retention

  • Routine Customer Servicemaintaining contact with existing customers is a priority
  • Updating Information on relevant changes in legislation
  • Explaining New Techniques

Seminar/Exhibition/Event Promotion and Reservation

  • Confirming Reservations
  • Issuing Invitations
  • Post Event Courtesy Calls

Welcome New Customers 

Research has proved the undoubted benefits of welcoming new customers


Product Launches

Introduce a new product or service to existing customers or to a new target market

Offering Products on Approval

A proven way of increasing sales

Introducing Special Offers

Either as a reward to existing customers or as an incentive to try you as a new supplier


Whatever the marketing plan telemarketing should be an integral part of it.  Marketing using the telephone is crucial to the success of most businesses and when used by experienced personnel can deliver amazing results

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